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Transfer Geneva Airport (GVA) to Les Deux Alpes - ALPY

Les Deux Alpes is a famous ski resort, located in the French Department of Isere Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes.

Transfer Geneva Airport (GVA) to Les Deux Alpes - ALPY






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It is particularly famous for hosting the famous winter sports World Cups, i.e., Snowboard Cross World Cup and Ski Cross World Cup. Due to its reputation, Les Deux Alpes is a popular hub for ski experts and intermediates. Since Les Deux Alpes hosts snow-rich peaks and mountains, it is also a popular spot for other winter-related sports such as snowshoeing and hiking across the snowy trails. The resort boosts activity all year long and is known for its delicious cuisine and lots of shops.

History of Les Deux Alpes alpine ski resort

Les Deux Alpes, perched in the spectacular French Alps, boasts a rich history that intertwines with the evolution of alpine skiing. Founded in the mid-20th century, the resort has grown into one of the premier destinations for winter sports enthusiasts. The name "Les Deux Alpes" translates to "The Two Alps," reflecting the resort's unique geography spanning two mountain ranges. Initially established around the alpine pastures of Mont-de-Lans and Venosc, the resort has since expanded its infrastructure, offering visitors a diverse and expansive ski domain.

The development of Les Deux Alpes as a prominent ski destination gained momentum in the 20th century, driven by a visionary approach to tourism and winter sports. The resort's high-altitude location, reaching up to 3,568 meters (11,713 feet) at the glacier, ensures an extended ski season and reliable snow conditions. Les Deux Alpes has hosted significant international skiing events, contributing to its reputation as a world-class ski destination. Over the years, the resort has evolved to cater to a broad spectrum of skiers, from beginners to expert alpine enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive range of amenities and activities.

Les Deux Alpes continues to evolve, embracing modern technologies and sustainable practices while preserving its alpine charm. The resort's commitment to innovation and excellence has solidified its status as a sought-after destination for those seeking an unforgettable skiing experience amidst the stunning peaks of the French Alps.

Where is Les Deux Alpes  alpine ski resort?

Les Deux Alpes Alpine Ski Resort is nestled in the heart of the French Alps, providing a captivating backdrop for an exhilarating ski holiday. Situated in the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, this renowned ski destination is easily accessible from Grenoble, a major city in southeastern France. The resort is specifically located near the charming town of Mont-de-Lans, offering a perfect blend of alpine charm and convenience for ski enthusiasts.

Perched at an altitude of approximately 1,650 meters (5,413 feet), Les Deux Alpes boasts one of the highest skiable areas in Europe. The resort's strategic location allows for stunning panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. With its accessibility and elevation, Les Deux Alpes promises an unforgettable skiing experience, attracting both beginners and seasoned skiers alike. Whether you're seeking thrilling slopes or a charming alpine atmosphere, Les Deux Alpes offers an ideal setting for a memorable winter getaway.

Where to stay in Les Deux Alpes?

When planning your ski adventure in Les Deux Alpes, finding the perfect accommodation is crucial for an enjoyable and convenient stay. The resort offers a diverse range of lodging options to suit various preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer slopeside chalets, cozy mountain lodges, or luxurious hotels, Les Deux Alpes has something for everyone.

Hotel Chalet Mounier:

For a blend of elegance and alpine charm, Hotel Chalet Mounier is a top choice. Located near the ski lifts, this four-star hotel offers comfortable rooms with stunning mountain views. The on-site spa and wellness facilities provide a perfect retreat after a day on the slopes.

Residence Cortina:

If you're looking for self-catered accommodation, Residence Cortina is an excellent option. These well-equipped apartments are conveniently situated close to the ski school and offer a cozy retreat with modern amenities, making them ideal for families or groups.

Le Souleil'Or:

For a central location with easy access to both the slopes and the lively town, Le Souleil'Or is a popular choice. This residence provides well-appointed apartments with a range of amenities, including a heated pool and a sauna, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Hotel Côte Brune:

Positioned in the heart of Les Deux Alpes, Hotel Côte Brune combines convenience with alpine charm. The hotel features comfortable rooms, a restaurant serving local cuisine, and a relaxing lounge area, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Club Med Les Deux Alpes:

For an all-inclusive experience, Club Med Les Deux Alpes is an excellent option. This family-friendly resort provides comfortable accommodations, gourmet dining, and a range of activities for all ages, making it a hassle-free choice for your ski vacation.

Whether you're seeking luxury, convenience, or a family-friendly atmosphere, Les Deux Alpes offers a variety of accommodation options to enhance your skiing experience.

Where to eat in Les Deux Alpes?

Embarking on a culinary journey is an essential part of any ski holiday, and Les Deux Alpes offers a delectable array of dining options to satisfy every palate. From traditional alpine fare to international cuisines, the resort's dining scene ensures a delightful experience after a day on the slopes. Here are five popular places to eat in Les Deux Alpes, each offering a unique and mouthwatering culinary experience.


Nestled in the heart of Les Deux Alpes, Papillon is a cozy and inviting restaurant known for its warm ambiance and delicious French cuisine. The menu showcases a variety of regional dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients, creating a perfect blend of authenticity and flavor. With its charming decor and friendly staff, Papillon provides a delightful setting for a memorable dining experience.

Smokey Joes Les Deux Alpes:

For those craving a taste of international flavors, Smokey Joes is a popular choice. Specializing in American-style barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine, this restaurant offers a laid-back atmosphere with a diverse menu. From juicy burgers to sizzling fajitas, Smokey Joes caters to a range of tastes, making it an excellent spot for a relaxed and satisfying meal.

Le P'tit Polyte:

If you're in the mood for a gastronomic adventure, Le P'tit Polyte is a fine-dining restaurant that promises an exquisite culinary experience. With a menu crafted by skilled chefs, the restaurant focuses on creative and contemporary interpretations of classic French dishes. The intimate setting and attention to detail make Le P'tit Polyte a top choice for those seeking a sophisticated dining experience.

Smithy's Tavern:

For a lively and vibrant atmosphere, Smithy's Tavern is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This British-style pub offers a diverse menu featuring hearty pub grub, including burgers, nachos, and fish and chips. With its welcoming ambiance and occasional live music, Smithy's Tavern provides a lively spot to unwind and indulge in comforting fare.

Creperie La Grange:

Indulge your sweet and savory cravings at Creperie La Grange, a charming creperie in Les Deux Alpes. This eatery specializes in crafting delicious crepes with an array of fillings, from classic combinations to inventive options. With a cozy interior and a menu that caters to all tastes, Creperie La Grange is a delightful choice for a casual and satisfying meal.

Whether you're in the mood for French delicacies, international flavors, or comforting pub fare, Les Deux Alpes offers a diverse culinary landscape to enhance your ski vacation.

Is Les Deux Alpes good for beginners?

Les Deux Alpes, nestled in the French Alps, is a fantastic destination for beginner skiers, offering a welcoming and accommodating environment for those taking their first strides on the slopes. With its extensive ski area and dedicated beginner zones, this alpine paradise caters to individuals seeking a gentle introduction to the exhilarating world of skiing.

The resort boasts an excellent array of beginner-friendly slopes, providing ample space for newcomers to hone their skills. The main slopes, such as the gentle green and blue runs, offer a gradual progression in difficulty, allowing beginners to build confidence and technique at their own pace. Additionally, Les Deux Alpes features designated learning areas equipped with magic carpets and easy-to-navigate terrain, making it an ideal setting for those just starting their skiing journey.

Instructors and ski schools in Les Deux Alpes are renowned for their expertise and friendly approach, ensuring a positive and supportive learning experience for beginners. With patient guidance and well-structured lessons, novices can quickly gain the skills needed to navigate the slopes confidently. The resort's commitment to providing a beginner-friendly atmosphere extends beyond the slopes, with numerous amenities and après-ski activities catering to those new to the sport.

For those embarking on their skiing adventure, Les Deux Alpes emerges as an excellent choice, offering a well-rounded experience that combines breathtaking alpine scenery, comprehensive beginner facilities, and expert instruction. Whether you're seeking a gentle introduction to skiing or looking to build a solid foundation for future alpine pursuits, Les Deux Alpes provides an ideal environment for beginners to discover the joy of the slopes.

How high is Les Deux Alpes?

Nestled in the French Alps, Les Deux Alpes stands tall as one of the premier alpine ski resorts, offering an exhilarating experience at high altitudes. Situated at an elevation of approximately 1,650 meters (5,413 feet) in the village and reaching up to a stunning 3,568 meters (11,716 feet) at its highest skiable point, the resort provides a vast and diverse terrain for skiers and snowboarders alike.

The altitude of Les Deux Alpes contributes to its reputation as a snow-sure destination, ensuring a prolonged winter sports season. With the highest skiable glacier in Europe, La Grave, the resort provides exceptional snow conditions throughout the year, attracting ski enthusiasts seeking reliable and pristine powder.

The elevation of Les Deux Alpes not only guarantees excellent snow quality but also rewards visitors with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding Alpine peaks. From the top, skiers can revel in the awe-inspiring vistas of the Ecrins National Park and the picturesque Oisans massif, creating an unforgettable backdrop to their alpine adventure. The resort's lofty altitude is not only a testament to its appeal among winter sports enthusiasts but also a key factor in delivering a memorable and invigorating mountain experience.

How to get to Les Deux Alpes?

Getting to Les Deux Alpes, the renowned alpine ski resort, is an exciting journey filled with picturesque landscapes and anticipation for the mountain adventure that awaits. The most convenient way for many ski enthusiasts is by flying into Grenoble Alpes-Isère Airport, which is the closest major airport to the resort. From Grenoble, a variety of transportation options are available, including shuttle services, rental cars, and private airport transfers, each providing a unique travel experience.

For those seeking a comfortable and personalized journey, private airport transfers from ALPY offer a convenient and efficient solution. ALPY specializes in providing top-notch private ski transfers from Grenoble Airport to Les Deux Alpes, ensuring a stress-free start to your alpine getaway. Their fleet of vehicles is equipped to handle ski equipment, making the journey hassle-free for winter sports enthusiasts. ALPY's experienced and professional drivers are knowledgeable about the local terrain, offering insights into the best routes and ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip.

Book your private airport ski transfer now with ALPY to kick off your Les Deux Alpes adventure with convenience and style. Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride from Grenoble Airport to the resort, allowing you to relax and immerse yourself in the breathtaking alpine scenery that unfolds along the way. ALPY's commitment to excellence in private ski transfers ensures a seamless transition from airport arrival to the slopes of Les Deux Alpes.

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