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The Ultimate Guide to Family Ski Resorts in the Alps

Updated: Jan 15

In the picture you see a family in the French alps. ALPY travel tips recomends taking pictures as seen here. With A doughter happy being pulled on a wooden sled.
Take your family for a fun Alpine ski trip

Embarking on a family ski holiday is a delightful adventure filled with snowy slopes, laughter, and shared memories. The popularity of family ski vacations continues to soar, prompting a quest for the perfect destination that caters to all ages. As winter enthusiasts seek the best family ski resorts, the array of options across the Alps beckons. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the nuances of family ski holidays in Europe, spotlighting exceptional resorts that blend thrilling slopes with family-friendly amenities. From the Swiss Alps to the picturesque corners of France, each alternative is meticulously chosen for its ability to provide an unforgettable experience for families. Let the journey begin as we explore the best family ski resorts and unlock the secrets to a seamless and joyous winter escapade.

Choosing the Best Family Ski Resorts

The popularity of family ski holidays has reached new heights, reflecting a growing trend among winter enthusiasts seeking inclusive and memorable vacation experiences. Families are drawn to the unique blend of adventure and bonding a ski holiday offers. However, the key to an unforgettable family ski experience lies in choosing the right resort. The perfect family-friendly ski resort combines thrilling slopes with amenities catering to all age groups, ensuring that each member of the family finds enjoyment.

From specially designed learning areas for beginners to a variety of recreational activities, the best family ski resorts go beyond skiing to create an all-encompassing winter wonderland.

In this guide, we explore the nuances of selecting family-friendly ski resorts across the Swiss, French, Italian, and Austrian Alps, each chosen for its ability to provide a joyous winter holiday for families of all sizes. Join us on this journey as we uncover the secrets to making your family ski holiday an unparalleled adventure.

What to look for in a Family friendly ski resort?

When it comes to family ski holidays in Europe, finding the perfect resort involves considering a range of factors that cater to the diverse needs of every family member. Family-friendly amenities play a crucial role, with top-notch resorts offering kid-friendly zones, childcare services, and many activities beyond the slopes.

Quality ski schools are paramount for families with beginners, ensuring a positive and educational experience for aspiring young skiers. Diverse terrains suitable for all levels of expertise ensure that both novices and seasoned skiers can share the thrill of the slopes. As we journey through the Alps, we'll uncover resorts that stand out for their dedication to providing a comprehensive family ski experience.

These resorts not only boast exceptional skiing but also go the extra mile to create a winter haven that caters to the unique needs of families, promising an extraordinary winter adventure for all.

Family Ski Resorts in Europe - top picks from ALPY

Grimentz, Switzerland

A family in Grimentz takining a photo. Grimentz is one of the destinations ALPY winter travel experts advise to take your family. In the photo the family is seen waving at the camera

Grimentz - Nestled in the Val d'Anniviers, offers families a quintessential Swiss alpine experience. Accommodation options range from cozy chalets to family-friendly hotels, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. The village's charm extends to its entertainment, with local festivities and winter events for all ages and activities including tobogganing, open-air ice skating, and swimming in the municipal pool. Grimentz is known for its accessibility, with well-groomed slopes suitable for various skill levels, making it an ideal destination for families seeking adventure and relaxation.

La Tzoumaz, Switzerland

ALPY travel tips, recomends La Tzoumaz slopes as seen in the photo. With a group of skiers enjoying the La Tzoumaz Alpine ski trip

La Tzoumaz, located in the heart of the Verbier ski area, stands out as a family-friendly gem in the Swiss Alps. Accommodation choices cater to families with superb-value-for-money options, offering spacious chalets with panoramic mountain views. The resort's entertainment options include not just thrilling slopes but also a variety of après-ski activities suitable for all ages. La Tzoumaz ensures accessibility with well-designed family zones on the slopes, making it a favorite for those introducing their little ones to the joys of skiing. The resort's commitment to family-friendly experiences makes it an excellent choice for an unforgettable winter holiday.

Gurgl, Austria

Seen in the picture is a father holding a child in one hand and child skis in the other. ALPY ski transfers recommends Gurgl as seen in the picture to be an excellent family ski trip location. The picture also contains a green painted house in the background.

Gurgl located in the Ötztal Alps, is a haven for families seeking a winter retreat revered for its towering peaks, excellent snow record, and long season. The resort boasts family-friendly accommodations, ranging from cozy alpine lodges to well-appointed hotels. Gurgl takes pride in its diverse entertainment options, including a family-friendly après-ski scene, snowshoeing trails, and guided winter hikes. Accessibility is a highlight, with well-connected ski areas suitable for various skill levels, ensuring both beginners and seasoned skiers find their perfect slope. Obergurgl’s BOBO’s Ski Club and Kinder Club Kindergarten provide a fun way to access the mountains for beginners and non-skiing children.

The village's charm and the picturesque alpine surroundings make Gurgl an ideal choice for families looking to immerse themselves in a serene winter wonderland.

Serfaus, Austria

On the slopes of Serfaus Austria, a ski trip location advised by ALPY ski transfers. The person on the skis enjoying riding down the Austrian Alps with great speed.

Serfaus In the Tyrolean Alps, is a paradise for families seeking an enchanting ski holiday. The resort offers family-friendly accommodations, from charming alpine inns to spacious apartments, providing a comfortable and welcoming stay. Serfaus stands out with its unique underground train, the "Dorfbahn," ensuring convenient and car-free transportation. Family entertainment is at its peak with themed trails, a family park, and delightful après-ski activities. The Hotel Bär is the show's star, offering not just kids’ clubs and swimming pools but a 96m waterslide, a climbing wall, and a five-story soft-play tower. Serfaus takes accessibility seriously, offering a range of slopes suitable for all skill levels, along with dedicated areas for children and beginners. The combination of charm, innovation, and family-oriented amenities makes Serfaus a top choice for an unforgettable winter getaway.

Champoluc, Italy

A family activity advised by ALPY ski transfers, as seen in the picture. In the Alps Champoluc Aosta Valley, the father is pulling his child in a specialty sled while enjoying distance skiing.

Champoluc located in the Aosta Valley, Champoluc is a charming Italian gem for families seeking an alpine retreat. The resort offers family-friendly accommodations. Champoluc boasts a picturesque village atmosphere, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. Families can enjoy a variety of entertainment options, including traditional Italian cuisine, local markets, and guided snowshoeing excursions. Here you can enjoy ice skating, a toboggan run, cross-country, a village spa, and a wellness center, and for die-hard family members, comparatively affordable heli-skiing.

Cervinia, Italy

Cervinia a prime location in the Italian Alps, for a family as seen in the picture to exploree the pistons on Cervinia. ALPY ski transfers advises to also wear protective head gear as the child in the photo

Cervinia, situated at the foot of the Matterhorn, is a family-friendly haven in the Italian Alps. Accommodations in Cervinia cater to families, offering a mix of alpine lodges and modern resorts with stunning mountain views. The resort's extensive ski area and gentle slopes provide an ideal setting for beginners, while the vibrant town entertains charming shops, restaurants, and après-ski activities.

Cervinia's accessibility is enhanced by its connection to Zermatt in Switzerland, expanding the range of skiing options for families seeking variety and excitement in a cross-border alpine experience. Cervinia best suits those who enjoy skiing on easy motorway-like pistes. At over 2000m, the resort is reliably snowsure from Christmas through to Easter.

San Cassiano, Italy

San Cassiano a faamily friendly location as recomended by ALPY winter travel experts, to take a moment like seen in the picture to take in the view of San Cassiano Alpine beuty. ALso seen two skis and ski sticks.

San Cassiano is located in the heart of the Dolomites, offers a unique blend of family-friendly charm and Alpine elegance. Accommodations range from family-run guesthouses to luxurious hotels, ensuring a comfortable stay. The village exudes a traditional Alpine atmosphere, providing a perfect backdrop for a family retreat. San Cassiano's entertainment options include scenic winter walks, local culinary delights, and cultural experiences.

Known as the Amphitheatre of the Dolomites, this undulating stretch of forest and meadows serves up staggering views of sheer cliffs and towering spires of rock at every turn. Accessibility is convenient, with well-groomed slopes suitable for different skill levels. The combination of Italian hospitality, breathtaking scenery, and diverse activities makes San Cassiano an enchanting choice for families seeking a memorable winter escape.

La Thuile, Italy

As seen in the picture La Thuile offers a wide range of slopes, as mentioned by ALPY winter travel experts. This slope as seen is for the children sledding.

La Thuile - tucked away in the Aosta Valley, La Thuile is a family-friendly destination with a distinct Alpine charm. The resort offers a range of accommodations, from family-run lodges to modern hotels. La Thuile stands out with its panoramic views of the Mont Blanc massif, providing a stunning backdrop for a winter holiday. FamilieLa Thuiles can enjoy various entertainment options, including thermal spas, snowshoeing trails, and local events. Accessibility is facilitated by interconnected ski areas suitable for all levels, making La Thuile an excellent choice for families seeking a harmonious blend of relaxation and adventure in the Italian Alps.

Belle Plagne, France

A snowboarder going down the slopes of Belle Plagne in the French alps. ALPY ski transfers offers advice that going off pistons such as seen in this photo is dangerous and not done without the skills necessary.

Belle Plagne located in the heart of the French Alps, offers an enchanting family escape with its diverse accommodations. Families can choose from quaint chalets and apartments, providing a cozy home away from home. The resort's car-free village adds a charming touch to the Alpine experience.

Entertainment options include lively après-ski activities, charming bistros, and local markets. A vast expanse of intermediate cruising runs connecting 11 different villages makes La Plagne an ideal destination for all types of children, from young tots to energetic teens. Families seeking a mix of alpine charm and modern convenience will find Belle Plagne to be an inviting destination for unforgettable moments in the mountains.

La Tania, France

In the picture is the  backround of La Tania, in the French Alps. ALPY ski transfers recomends takong a break, as seen in the picture of two snowboarding enthusiasts relax on chairs with the view of the French Alps

La Tania is a quieter, cheaper alternative to the mega-resorts of the Three Valleys, La Tania stands out as a family-friendly haven with unique accommodation options. From cozy chalets to modern apartments, the resort caters to diverse family needs. La Tania's pedestrian-friendly village offers a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for family strolls and exploration. Entertainment options include family-friendly restaurants, vibrant après-ski spots, and the charm of a traditional Alpine setting. La Tania provides easy access to an extensive ski network suitable for all levels. Families seeking a perfect blend of comfort and adventure will find La Tania to be a delightful choice in the French Alps.

Flaine, Grand Massif, France

Flaine located in the French Alps, is a popular destination for family ski trip. As seen in the picture there are a lot of people going up and down the piston. ALPY winter travel experts advises to keep safe distance between other people when skiing and snowboarding like seen in the picture

Flaine is a resort for families who rank convenience and value for money above charm. Situated in the Grand Massif ski area, Flaine combines family-friendly accommodations with a modern alpine ambiance. Families can choose from a variety of lodgings, including spacious apartments and family-oriented hotels. Flaine's unique architectural style adds a contemporary touch to the resort experience.

Entertainment options range from cultural events to family-friendly activities like dog sledding and ice skating. Flaine's accessibility is facilitated by its location in the Grand Massif, providing a vast ski area suitable for all skill levels. As well as an excellent place for complete beginners to learn to ski with good ski schools and two nursery slope areas that are free to use Families looking for a blend of modern aesthetics and Alpine charm will discover Flaine as an ideal destination for a memorable winter retreat.

Les Menuires, Les 3 Vallées, France

Les Menuires, Les 3 Vallées, France is a recommended destination by ALPY ski transfers, to visit and try learning ski tricks such as seen in the picture, with fast stopping and kicking up the snow with skis.

Les Menuires is the best value and most family-friendly of the resorts that form the 3 Valleys, the world’s largest ski area. Families can choose from chalets, apartments, and hotels that cater to various preferences. Les Menuires' ski-in, ski-out convenience adds a practical touch to family holidays. Entertainment options include family-oriented après-ski activities, themed events, and the charm of a lively mountain village. Les Menuires' accessibility within Les 3 Vallées ensures access to an extensive ski area suitable for all family members. Families seeking a dynamic mix of alpine adventure and comfort will find Les Menuires to be a welcoming destination in the French Alps.

Tignes, France

Tignes in the French Alps is seen in the picture. With a family ski trip. ALPY winter travel experts illustrate that, as the family in the ski lift is not wearing skis but still can go up the ski lift to the top of the mountain.

Tignes over Easter shines as a resort for families. When lower and more sheltered resorts are turning slushy in the spring warmth, you can still find cold, firm snow to ski on. Perched at an altitude that guarantees excellent snow conditions, Tignes welcomes families with various accommodation options. Tignes offers comfortable living spaces. The resort's vibrant village atmosphere provides family-friendly entertainment, including themed events and après-ski activities. Tignes' accessibility is enhanced by its connection to the vast Espace Killy ski area, ensuring a diverse range of slopes suitable for all skill levels. Families seeking a balance between adventure and relaxation will find Tignes to be a dynamic destination in the French Alps. So book into the area of Tignes Le Lac if you can. It’s home to Le Lagon, the resort’s public swimming pool — where three side-by-side waterslides are the perfect antidote to zero visibility on the snow.

Les Arcs, France

ALPY ski transfers show a picture of Les Acrs in the French Alps a family enjoying a ski snow shoe walk on the trail of Les Arcs

Les Arcs singles out among family-friendly ski resorts is its accommodation. Two developments in particular are world-class. The first is Arc1950. A purpose-built “village” of self-catering apartments, it wraps around a long, traffic-free plaza, where you’ll find everything from restaurants and bakeries to equipment hire, as well as almost-instant access to the skiing. Even better is the vast and all-inclusive Club Med at Arc 1600, where all your needs are catered for in-house.

Les Arcs' village ambiance offers entertainment options like ice skating, cultural events, and lively après-ski spots. Accessibility is a highlight, thanks to its location in the expansive Paradiski ski area. With an emphasis on family-friendly slopes and activities, Les Arcs provides an ideal setting for families looking for an Alpine escape with diverse living options.

Courchevel, France

ALPY winter travel experts show a picture of Courchevel maintain scenery with looking through a window of a French shale.

Courchevels two new additions make it stand out.

First Aquamotion — a £54 million spa and indoor water park, which includes water slides, indoor surfing, a climbing wall, and every conceivable kind of pool. Second, Moriond Racing turbo-charged the local tobogganing scene with a 1.8 mile track of tunnels, banked turns and weaving, interconnected tracks that will leave you helpless with laughter.

Beyond the world-class skiing, the resort offers family-friendly entertainment such as gourmet dining experiences and themed events. Courchevel's accessibility within Les 3 Vallées ensures access to the largest ski area globally, providing options for all family members. Families seeking a blend of refined luxury and alpine adventure will discover Courchevel to be an exquisite destination in the French Alps.

Val d’Isère, France

ALPY ski transfers illustrate as seen a child riding Val d’Isère piston that is great for children of young age to practice skiing

Val d’Isère is the hard-skiing, hard-partying A-lister that has worked hard in recent years to broaden its appeal. If used properly, it works well for families that include both gung-ho and hesitant skiers. Some things to bear in mind for Val d’Isère.

The first is that both beginners and intermediates should always ride the lifts back down into the resort: because it’s on the plunging valley runs that Val’s hell-for-leather reputation has been forged.

The second is that they should stay close to the central Front de Neige nursery slopes and the gondola up to the easy-skiing plateau on the Solaise, at a snowsure of 2,500m. The thrill-seekers will feast on the super-steep Face, while their easy-skiing relatives will enjoy not just the Solaise, but the flattish plateau on the other side of the valley too. Both are equipped with slow-skiing zones. Then at the end of the day, everyone can splash together in the public pool.

Practical tips to navigate your family ski vacation successfully

ALPY winter travel experts advise that for a family ski trip planning is everything. As seen in the photo. ALPY advises to take notes. A table with a cup of coffee on the side, laptop and notebook in hand is as seen here. Is how ALPY ski transfers advises families to prepare for the vacation

Essential Packing

Ensure you pack all necessary gear, including warm clothing, waterproof layers, gloves, and goggles. Don't forget sunscreen to protect against reflective snow. If traveling with young children.

Accommodation Selection

Choose family-friendly accommodation with amenities such as spacious rooms, childproof facilities, and convenient access to ski slopes. Opt for ski-in/ski-out options for added convenience, minimizing the hassle of transporting equipment.

Family-Friendly Activities

Research resorts that offer a variety of family-friendly activities beyond skiing, such as snowshoeing, sledding, and indoor entertainment. This ensures there's something for everyone, creating lasting memories for the entire family.

Enroll children in ski lessons or programs tailored to their age group, fostering a positive introduction to the sport. Many resorts provide childcare services, allowing parents to enjoy solo skiing or relaxation.

Worry free Experience

Plan your itinerary with flexibility, considering breaks for rest and meals. Check ski school schedules, and book lessons in advance. Utilize private ski transfers for a hassle-free journey from the airport to your chosen family-friendly ski resort such as ALPY ski transfers.

By incorporating these tips into your planning, you'll create a family ski trip that balances adventure and relaxation, ensuring a memorable winter vacation in the Alps.

Why choose private ski transfers for a family ski vacation?

A picture of Geneva airport terminal. One of the airport ALPY ski transfers operate from. The picture shows a rather empty arrival gate
Geneva airport

Embarking on a family ski trip with ALPY's private transfers ensures a stress-free and enjoyable experience. We understand that holidays can be stressful, especially when juggling bags and keeping an eye on the kids. With ALPY, leave those worries behind. Our friendly driver will greet you at an agreed location, taking care of all your transportation needs. No need to navigate trains or buses – ALPY's private transfers provide comfort, convenience, and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on creating wonderful family memories. Choose ALPY for a seamless journey from airport to resort, and let the adventure begin without the usual travel hassles!


ALPY's private transfers provide a comfortable and spacious environment for families, ensuring a relaxed journey from the airport to the resort. With ample space for both passengers and luggage, your family can travel in comfort and style.


Private transfers eliminate the need for multiple stops, ensuring a direct route to your chosen resort. ALPY's professional drivers prioritize your family's convenience, offering a door-to-door service that minimizes any unnecessary delays or disruptions.


ALPY understands the importance of flexibility for families. With private transfers, you have the freedom to set your schedule, allowing for convenient departure and arrival times that suit your family's needs. This flexibility extends to choosing stops along the way or adapting to unexpected changes in plans.

Stress-Free and Personalized

ALPY's private alpine ski transfers are designed to offer a stress-free and personalized travel experience. With a focus on customer satisfaction, ALPY ensures a smooth transition from the airport to the resort, allowing your family to start their ski vacation on a positive note.

Time to choose your perfect family ski destination

In conclusion, choosing the perfect family ski resort entails weighing factors like amenities and accessibility. As your winter travel expert, ALPY has curated a list of family-friendly ski destinations that promise unforgettable experiences. From the authentic charm of Grimentz to the accessibility of La Tzoumaz, these resorts cater to families with a perfect blend of accommodations, entertainment, and skiing terrains for all levels.

Heres a quick overview for you of the recommended destinations or family friendly

ski trips in the Alps:

  • Gurgl, Austria

  • Serfaus, Austria

  • Champoluc, Italy

  • Cervinia, Italy

  • San Cassiano, Italy

  • La Thuile, Italy

  • La Tzoumaz, Switzerland

  • Grimentz, Switzerland

  • Belle Plagne, France

  • La Tania, France

  • Flaine, Grand Massif, France

  • Les Menuires, Les 3 Vallées, France

  • Avoriaz, Portes du Soleil, France

  • Tignes, France

  • Les Arcs, France

  • La Rosière, France

  • Courchevel, France

  • Val d’Isère, France

Book a family ski transfer with ALPY

Plan your stress-free family ski adventure with ALPY today! Explore our private transfer services, ensuring a stress free journey to the best family-friendly ski resorts in Switzerland. Let ALPY be your trusted partner, providing comfort, convenience, and personalized travel experiences. Cherish every moment of your winter holiday with ALPY – where stress-free travel meets unforgettable family memories. Book your private ski transfer now and embark on a winter escapade with ALPY!

ALPY winter travel experts illustrate a woman in the Siss alps enjoying her family ski vecation

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