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Our Pick of the Best Après Ski Resorts in the Alps

Updated: May 9

Embrace the breathtaking beauty of the Alps in this pircure. This moment is made possible by ALPY private ski transfers. captivating image, where a daring adventurer captures the essence of the majestic mountain range in the French Aps ski resort

As winter enthusiasts prepare for exhilarating days on the slopes, the charm of après-ski activities introduces an additional thrill to their Alpine escapades. "Après-ski" extends beyond a simple post-ski tradition; it's a lively cultural affair uniting ski enthusiasts in celebration. Embark on a voyage with us, exploring the finest après-ski resorts in the Alps, where the thrill persists long after the sun dips behind the snow-clad peaks.

What is Après Ski?

Après-ski, a term derived from French, literally means "after skiing," but its essence extends far beyond a mere post-skiing tradition. It represents a cultural phenomenon ingrained in the Alpine experience, adding a dynamic social component to the thrill of the slopes. Choosing a ski resort with a vibrant après-ski scene can significantly enhance your winter getaway.

These activities, ranging from intimate gatherings in mountain lodges to energetic celebrations in resort towns, create an atmosphere where skiing enthusiasts converge to relax, share experiences, and bask in the Alpine lifestyle. Understanding and appreciating the cultural significance of après-ski is crucial for those seeking a well-rounded and memorable skiing adventure.

ALPY Winter Holiday Guides ilustrates the perfect winter adventure. In the image there are six enthusiastic friends immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of the Swiss Alps. In this captivating image, the group captures unforgettable moments, laughter, and friendship against the having an Apres Ski

Where are the Best Après Ski Resorts in Europe?

Unraveling the après ski culture across Europe reveals a rich tapestry of traditions and flavors, each country contributing its unique essence to the post-skiing celebration. Après ski undergoes a delightful metamorphosis as it traverses the Alps.

French après ski, characterized by sophistication and style, set the stage for exclusive mountain clubs and fashionable resorts, such as Chamonix and Val d'Isere.

Austria brings a more exuberant and traditional flair to après ski, with iconic destinations like St. Anton and Ischgl offering lively village squares and spirited music.

Switzerland, blending elegance with conviviality, showcases après ski experiences in resorts like Verbier and Zermatt.

ALPY shuttle bus recommends packing these essentials to enhance your après-ski escapades. The backpack, a versatile companion, carries all your essentials, from cozy layers to après-ski attire. The camera, a must-have, captures the unforgettable moments and stunning landscapes that ALPY ensures you'll encounter.

In this section, ALPY, your trusted winter holiday experts, will curate a selection of top resorts renowned for their exceptional après-ski experiences in the French, Austrian, and Swiss Alps. We understand that après-ski is an integral part of the Alpine adventure. We've meticulously chosen resorts that offer diverse and vibrant post-skiing atmospheres.

From the charming French Alps, known for the food, to the lively Austrian slopes featuring St. Anton's vibrant bars and entertainment and the sophisticated Swiss resorts known for their upscale après options – our recommendations cater to various tastes. ALPY winter holiday experts ensure that your après-ski experience matches the thrill of the slopes, making your winter holiday a truly memorable and well-rounded adventure.

Where are the top Après Ski in France?

ALPY top pics for the best Après Ski in France are Val Thorens, Val d'Isère and Chamonix and here is why:

Unwind and soak in the vibrant après-ski atmosphere at Val Thorens, one of the most popular winter holiday destinations in the French Alps. ALPY ski transfers invites you to experience the charm of this renowned destination. In this captivating image, Pepper, our winter enthusiast, enjoys a small afternoon après-ski moment by the slopes in Val Thorens

Val Thorens, the apex of après ski excitement, is the highest ski resort in Europe, promising an unparalleled party experience. At 2,600 meters, La Folie Douce takes center stage with its legendary performances. This open-air club hosts world-class DJs, offering a unique blend of music and mountain views. Bar 360 complements the scene with its elevated setting and vibrant atmosphere. Visitors can choose from various karaoke venues, indulge in happy hours, and explore early-hours bars scattered throughout the resort. The Frog and Roast Beef, claiming the title of the highest pub in Europe, attracts a spirited UK crowd. Cafe Snesko, the Dutch bar, dominates the strip with its lively ambiance for a rowdier and more festive vibe. The party is always at Malaysia, the largest Alps nightclub, which ensures Val Thorens remains the ultimate destination for après ski revelry with an international flair.

Best places to visit in Val Thorens for Après Ski:

  • La Folie Douce

  • Bar 360

  • The Frog and Roast Beef

  • Cafe Snesko

  • Malaysia

Embrace the thrill of the slopes and the joy of après-ski in Val d'Isère, a renowned alpine ski spot in France. ALPY ski transfers recommends making the most of your alpine ski holiday, and what better way than capturing unforgettable moments with your fellow snowboarders?

Val d'Isère offers a skiing paradise with 300 km of marked runs catering to all skill levels. The après-ski scene here is vibrant and diverse. The Folie Douce steals the spotlight at 2,400m, treating visitors to spectacular views while transforming its terrace into a dance floor from 2:30 pm. For live music in a charming setting under twinkling lights, Cocoricos is a must-visit. Immerse yourself in the authentic French Alps ambiance at The Morris Pub and The Underground. As the sun sets, explore the nightlife with Dicks Tea Bar drawing a lively UK crowd and Doudoune catering to a French audience. Experience the unique charm of Le Petit Danois, renowned for its fantastic happy hour offerings. Val d'Isère promises an après-ski experience that blends adventure on the slopes with unforgettable moments off them.

Best places places to visit in Val d'Isère for Après Ski:

  • The Folie Douce

  • Cocoricos

  • The Morris Pub

  • The Underground

  • Dicks Tea Bar

  • Doudoune

  • Le Petit Danois

Discover the enchanting allure of Chamonix, a destination celebrated by both avid skiers and après-ski enthusiasts alike, as recommended by ALPY Private Transfers. In this captivating photo, experience the breathtaking view from the perspective of a skier poised to embark on a thrilling descent down the slopes

Chamonix culinary delights await après-ski enthusiasts with hearty fondues and tartiflette, perfect for replenishing energy after a day on the slopes. Head to Marmottons' terrace at the base of Argentiere's home run for panachés and live performances by indie artists. For a classic experience, Chambre Neuf offers a mix of excellent beer and lively music. Elevation 1904, a brasserie-style venue, becomes a hub where ski guides and mountaineers share stories of the day's adventures. L'Alibi offers a laid-back scene in the town center with tapas, wine, and whisky until 2 am. Don't miss La Terrasse, a pink deco building synonymous with Chamonix, hosting live music. International DJs and captivating performances late into the night are what to expect in Chamonix's après-ski scene. Here is a diverse and thrilling mix of flavors, sounds, and entertainment.

Best places to visit in Chamonix for Après Ski:

  • Marmottons' terrace

  • Chambre Neuf

  • Elevation 1904

  • L'Alibi

  • La Terrasse

Where are the top Après Ski in Austria?

For Austria ALPY ski transfers and winter travel experts has picked St. Anton and Ischgl as the top Après Ski holiday destinations.

Explore the allure of St. Anton, a renowned Alpine après-ski destination, as recommended by ALPY Private Ski Transfers. In this picturesque image, discover the perfect retreat – a cozy café or pub, where weary skiers can relax and rejuvenate after a thrilling day on the alpine slopes

St. Anton provides adrenaline and excitement beyond the slopes with a dynamic après-ski scene that attracts top skiers worldwide. The Valluga offers fantastic off-piste routes, drawing skiing enthusiasts seeking thrilling challenges. For those craving lively atmospheres, the Krazy Kangaruh is a rowdy haven filled with schnitzels, beer, and enthusiastic table dancing – an ideal choice. Mooserwirt initiates the après party with 'The Final Countdown' at 3 pm, transitioning into a loud and cheesy Austro/German pop playlist. Heustadl, a slope-side gem, treats visitors to live music, making it the perfect spot for both a tan and entertainment. Amidst the beats, MooseWirt stands out, pumping Euro tunes as ski boots pound the tables beneath a giant disco ball. St. Anton's après-ski experience promises a blend of alpine thrills and vibrant celebrations, ensuring an unforgettable winter adventure.

Best places to visit in St. Anton for Après Ski:

  • The Krazy Kangaruh

  • Mooserwirt

  • Heustadl

  • Bodo’s

Ischgl, known for its picturesque landscapes and world-class skiing, offers a unique dining experience right on the slopes. ALPY Private Ski Transfers recommends taking a break from your winter activities to enjoy the warmth of a cozy meal in the open air, adding a touch of culinary delight to your alpine adventure

Ischgl, renowned for its lavish après-ski scene, stands out, offering a vibrant experience that, while not the most economical, provides better value than some French counterparts. The Trofana Alm is rumered to be the world's best après-ski bar, featuring cheesy German/Austrian tunes and playful dances, creating an unmatched atmosphere. Schatzi Bar adds to the allure with traditional bar-top dancing girls, bringing extra excitement to the après-ski festivities. Kuhstall caters to the younger crowd, playing more English music and attracting lively energy. Trofana Alm, with its award-winning cuisine, elevates the après-ski experience, promising enchanting moments. Paznauer Taja complements the scene with a menu featuring national and international dishes in the service area, while the self-service site offers crispy baked pizzas.

Best places to visit in Ischgl Après Ski:

  • Trofana Alm

  • Schatzi Bar

  • Kuhstall

  • Trofana Alm

  • Paznauer Taja

Where are the top Après Ski in Switzerland?

ALPY recomends St. Moritz, Verbier, and Zermatt for your winter ski holiday when thinking about your best destinations in Switzerland for Après Ski.

St. Moritz, renowned for its alpine elegance, offers a perfect setting to relish this classic Swiss dish. ALPY Private Ski Transfers recommends finding a quaint spot like the one depicted in the photo, where the rich and gooey fondue becomes a warm and satisfying complement to the crisp mountain air.

St. Moritz and the Engadine region, where abundant snow and sunshine coalesce. St. Moritz, steeped in a century-long legacy, transcends the ordinary, offering a unique blend of tradition. The iconic snow polo matches and other extraordinary events add to its allure. At the heart of this refined revelry stands Badrutt’s Palace, an enchanting turreted hotel. The recent addition of its mountain club, Paradiso, has elevated the experience, welcoming a blend of skiers and stylish enthusiasts who savor Champagne to the tunes of Euro hits against the breathtaking mountain panorama. Sternbar Marguns, perched at 2,838 meters with its sun-soaked terrace, boasts a history of allure. Schneebar Pirates on the Rocks, stationed at Corviglia’s summit, provides a laid-back escape, contrasting with St. Moritz's sophistication. Meanwhile, The Roo Bar at Hauser, a classic St. Moritz gem, beckons with its cellar dance floor, drawing in the après-ski crowd seeking a vibrant conclusion to their day.

Best places to visit in St. Moritz for Après Ski:

  • Badrutt’s Palace

  • Paradiso

  • Sternbar Marguns

  • Schneebar Pirates on the Rock

  • The Roo Bar at Hauser

ALPY Ski Transfers recommends Verbier as a premier après-ski destination, where the thrill of the slopes seamlessly transitions into lively village scenes. Whether you're taking a moment to snap a playful photo or indulging in the après-ski festivities, Verbier offers a perfect blend of alpine adventure and relaxed enjoyment.

Verbier, a haven of contrasting charms, blends international glamour with a boisterous après-ski scene. Renowned for its challenging terrains like the perilous Tortin run and the beloved Gentianes – la Chaux reds, it attracts seasoned skiers seeking a thrill. The ski-hard, play-hard mentality thrives in the après-ski havens of Verbier. Around 2 pm, Chez Danny becomes a rendezvous point, setting the stage for a rosé-infused afternoon at Bar Le Rouge, boasting an impressive wine menu. Live music enthusiasts gravitate towards Le Farinet, featuring a retractable roof for fair weather revelry. The Farm Club, a Verbier institution, beckons the mature crowd and has witnessed the presence of well-heeled personalities. For a touch of tradition, visiting a hole-in-the-wall bakery en route home is a must, completing the day with the lingering essence of rosé-soaked memories.

Best places to visit in Verbier for Après Ski:

  • Chez Danny

  • Bar Le Rouge

  • Le Farinet

  • The Farm Club

  • Hole-in-the-wall bakery

Prepare to be mesmerized by the unparalleled alpine beauty of Zermatt, a destination renowned for its stunning scenery and iconic Matterhorn peak. ALPY Ski Transfers highly recommends immersing yourself in the majesty of the Matterhorn's towering presence.

Zermatt emerges as a premier destination for lively celebrations against breathtaking mountain backdrops. With an extensive network of slopes shared with Cervinia in Italy, totaling an impressive 360km, Zermatt provides a visual spectacle at every twist and turn.

The town's dynamic nightlife presents an array of venues, ranging from vibrant pubs to upscale champagne and wine bars. Papperla Pub and Snowboat are excellent choices for those desiring an early start to the festivities. At the same time, the sophisticated atmosphere of Harry's Bar caters to those seeking a more intimate setting.

When it comes to on-mountain revelry, Cervo stands out with its refined ambiance, live performances, DJs, and an in-house cigar room. On the contrary, Hennu Stall offers a livelier experience, marked by lively antics, jaegerbombs, and a joyful atmosphere – a departure from the more upscale local craft beer and cigar scene. In Zermatt, the party never stops, offering diverse options to suit every reveler's taste.

Best places to visit in Zermatt for Après Ski:

  • Papperla Pub

  • Snowboat

  • Harry's Bar

  • Cervo

  • Hennu Stall

Where are the top Après Ski in Italy?

When it comes to Italy Après Ski scene there is no better place that has it all then Livigno.

Experience the ultimate après-ski holiday in Livigno, the prime Italian destination where alpine adventure meets vibrant nightlife. ALPY Ski Transfers recommends savoring the après-ski magic at one of Livigno's charming slope-side pubs, as captured in this enticing photo.

Livigno stands out as one of Italy's vibrant resorts, boasting approximately 150 bars. Adding to its allure, this Italian village has held tax-free status since the 16th century, ensuring that dining, beverages, and shopping come at a more affordable price than other destinations. With 115km of slopes accommodating all skill levels, from gentle beginner runs to challenging freeride routes, Livigno is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts.

Miky’s Pub captures the town's lively spirit, hosting themed parties and extended DJ sets. For a more relaxed ambiance, Mikey’s Aperitivo Bar and Tagliede are excellent choices for savoring a leisurely Aperol Spritz.

Stalet takes the crown as the largest venue, extending après parties until 8 pm. Positioned at the Carosello gondola, the revelry begins in the early afternoon, with a retractable roof for seamless transitions indoors. Kosmo, opening around 4 pm, resides in a traditional Alpine building, delivering a playlist of all-time cheesy hits. In Livigno, the abundance of bars and diverse atmospheres ensures there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Best places to visit in Livigno for Après Ski:

  • Miky’s Pub

  • Mikey’s Aperitivo Bar

  • Stalet

  • Kosmo

Why Après Ski Holidays Matter?

Après ski plays a pivotal role in shaping the unforgettable experience of a ski holiday. It extends beyond the thrill of conquering slopes, becoming a vibrant cultural tradition that binds skiers in celebration.

According to ALPY, the essence of any alpine adventure is incomplete without the vital experience of après-ski. As the sun sets behind majestic peaks, ALPY understands that the real magic of the Alps comes alive during these cherished post-ski moments

The lively gatherings at après ski venues create a unique camaraderie, where shared stories of triumphs and tumbles merge with the backdrop of snow-capped peaks. This post-skiing tradition transforms Alpine resorts into social hubs, fostering a sense of community among winter enthusiasts.

The festivities continue well into the night, adding an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling days on the slopes. Après ski isn't just a conclusion to a day of skiing; it's an integral part of the Alpine adventure, where the joy lingers long after the sun sets.

Get a transfer to your favourite après ski resort

ALPY, your seasoned winter travel experts and guides, are here to ensure that your après ski holiday, will be a memorable experience. Timing is a critical factor; while a destination might top après ski rankings, it's crucial to align your visit with the best weeks for optimal slope enjoyment. Planning around peak weeks can enhance your overall skiing and après experience.

Consider your travel companions, tailoring your destination to the dynamics of your group. If you're adventuring with friends of a similar age group, opt for a resort renowned for its lively and vibrant après ski scene, creating an ideal party-friendly atmosphere. For families with children, prioritize destinations with après ski activities specifically designed to be family-friendly, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

ALPY Ski Transfers recommends enhancing your après-ski holiday by surrounding yourself with the joyous camaraderie of a group of friends, just like these four enthusiasts in the photo. The alpine experience is truly enriched when shared with those who share your passion for adventure and relaxation

Couples seeking a more intimate and romantic ambiance should explore resorts with an emphasis on secluded settings, intimate views, and fine dining options. The choice of après ski destination can significantly shape the overall tone of your winter getaway, creating a harmonious blend of adventure and relaxation.

In your quest for the perfect après ski haven, ALPY Ski Transfers stands ready to elevate your journey. Book your private ski transfer now, ensuring that your après ski holiday becomes a tale of joy, laughter, and cherished moments. Choose ALPY to navigate the Alps with expertise, allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories both on and off the slopes.

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